Pingdingshan Oriental Carbon Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report 2022

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Release time:2023-02-23 00:00

Reporting cycle: 2022 (2022.1.1-2022.12.31)

Source: statistics of relevant functional departments of the company

Approved and issued by: Administration Department

1.High Quality Development

1, innovative research and development: the company has a provincial engineering technology research center and provincial hot molding high purity carbon technology research center. Relying on these two centers, increase investment in research and development, and actively carry out scientific and technological innovation research and development. There are 10 annual projects involving process, technology, and product development, among which: "Research and preparation of a kind of high pressure and high temperature sintering oxidation resistance and EDM mold special graphite", "development and research of a kind of low resistivity graphite material", "research and preparation of new experimental carbonization process", "research and preparation of carbon product paste modification method", "research and preparation of a kind of carbon fiber reinforced graphite material", "research on oxidation resistance of graphite material", "a kind of mesophase pitch cornerstone" research and preparation of ink materials ", the main work of project research and development has been completed, and the project has entered the stage of project summary and achievement transformation. The" key technology research and development of fuel cell carbon based composite bipolar plate "developed in cooperation with Shenzhen Graduate School of Tsinghua University has also entered the stage of experimental scheme summary and production process verification. I believe there will be a big breakthrough soon. In the same year, it obtained 2 national invention patents and 4 utility model patents. Extensive development of innovative research and development not only increases the economic benefits of the company, but also has good social benefits. In the research and development process of the project, employees actively participate in the project, undertake some basic experimental work, cultivate their learning ability and practical ability, improve the theoretical level of R & D personnel, enrich the practical experience of R & D personnel, further improve the company's innovation ability, and effectively promote the high-quality development of the company.

2. Operate in strict accordance with the ISO9000 quality management system, improve the quality target assessment system and the quality service commitment practice system, so that the product quality first-class product output rate will increase to more than 85%, and customer satisfaction will increase by 2 percentage points compared with previous years.

In July 22, it was recognized as a "specialized and special new little giant" enterprise by the Henan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology;

In October 22, it was recognized as a "national intellectual property advantage enterprise" by the State Intellectual Property Office ";

In December 22, it was recognized as "AA grade enterprise of quality integrity construction" by Henan quality association ".

2. Party Building

The company has always attached importance to the party building work. The party branch earnestly performs the duties stipulated in the party constitution, insists on taking the party building work as an important measure to promote the operation and management of the enterprise, gives full play to the political and organizational functions of the party branch, and unifies the thoughts and actions of employees into the center of economic development, so as to make the party building work and the development of the enterprise closer and more coordinated.

This year, the company's party building was named "non-public party building standardization pilot unit" by Pingdingshan market supervision and Administration Bureau, and was awarded the honorary certificate of "advanced grass-roots party organization" issued by Shilong District Committee of the Communist Party of China.

3. Safety Responsibility

The company fully implements the safety production guidelines, policies, laws and regulations of the party and the country, as well as the regulations of the provincial and municipal party committees and governments, consciously accepts the supervision and inspection of local emergency management departments, earnestly fulfills the main responsibility of safety production, and insists on improving various safety production management Based on the system, with the development of safety production education and training for all employees and the strengthening of safety production supervision and inspection as the starting point, strive to create a "zero accident" project, effectively promote the company's safe production situation continued to be stable.

Implement the "five simultaneous" of safe production, plan, deploy, supervise and inspect, summarize, and reward and punish safety work and production and operation tasks at the same time, so that everyone is responsible for safe production and realize the normalization of safe production.

From top to bottom, we will comprehensively clarify the legal main responsibility of production safety, the responsibility of the first responsible person, the double responsibility of one post and the responsibility of target management, form a production safety responsibility network in the company, strengthen supervision and assessment, and link with wages and bonuses. effectively mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and consciousness of responsible persons at all levels to grasp safety work, and turn safety work "I want to do" into "I want to do".

Adhere to the funding, training and investigation in place to consolidate the foundation of safety work. In strict accordance with the requirements of relevant legal documents, full withdrawal of security costs, and the implementation of special funds. Ensure sufficient funds for safety infrastructure construction, employee training, and hidden danger rectification and management; formulate training plans in accordance with laws and regulations, establish employee training files, implement training content and hours, and conduct regular and irregular training for senior executives, middle-level managers, new and old employees, key post operators, Special types of work, transfer personnel, resumption of work and production, etc. to achieve full coverage of employee safety training; In strict accordance with the requirements of the construction of the double pre-control system, extensively carry out hazard source identification and safety hazard investigation and management activities, regularly organize safety equipment inspections, establish daily inspection records and hidden hazard elimination and rectification accounts; set up special personnel to be in charge of mechanical equipment safety, logistics support, labor protection supplies, and fire protection facilities; set up special personnel to be in charge of safety Data and safety system formulation. Special personnel shall be set up to be in charge of safety training, emergency plan drills and safety production assessment for internal staff and external construction teams.

Regularly organize professional safety inspections, such as special equipment, limited space, hot work, engineering construction, key equipment installation, etc.; safety inspections on major festivals, such as Spring Festival, New Year's Day, May 1st National Day, etc., seasonal safety inspections, such as fire prevention, Flood prevention, heatstroke prevention and cooling, etc. In 2022, the safety production work was selected as the advanced unit of safety production by the Safety Committee of Shilong District People's Government.

4. Environmental Responsibility

Eliminate backward automatic monitoring systems, update pollution source automatic monitoring equipment, improve automatic monitoring functions, and actively accept remote supervision by provincial, municipal, and district regulatory departments; strictly follow the requirements of pollutant discharge permits, actively fill in quarterly and annual implementation reports, and improve environmental management ledgers, All kinds of pollutants meet the discharge standards, and all kinds of environmental management ledgers are complete; build intelligent manufacturing, eliminate impregnation equipment and processes, shorten product cycles, save energy and reduce consumption, reduce pollution emissions; actively carry out the third round of "clean production" to effectively promote the company's "green" development process; the company strictly implements national and local environmental protection policies, and conducts pollution discharge and daily monitoring of solid waste, hazardous waste, noise, etc. in strict accordance with pollution discharge standards, Consciously accept the daily supervision and regular inspections of third-party environmental protection departments, and formulate emergency plans for sudden environmental protection accidents. To obtain the environmental management system certification, and in strict accordance with the environmental management system procedures to operate documents.

5. Social Responsibility

The company has always adhered to the concept of "benefiting the people, bearing the responsibility of the society, meeting the needs of the people, and achieving a harmonious life", and has continued to carry out the "golden autumn student aid" activity. This year, 23 students from poor families have been funded by the company to realize their college dreams. Offer love to the elderly over 70 years old, and subsidize nearly 100 filial employees with monthly subsidies ranging from 200 yuan; donate goods to local government anti-epidemic duty stations for many times to offer condolences to front-line anti-epidemic employees; donate money to rural communities around enterprises to support community infrastructure construction; take the initiative to purchase unsalable agricultural and sideline products from poverty-stricken villages to help consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation; provide jobs for the disabled and families in need to help vulnerable groups get rich through labor; support the army and give preferential treatment to their families, create a self-confident platform for them and encourage them to reinvent this life. In March 2022, Pingdingshan Charity Federation awarded Pingdingshan Oriental Carbon Co., Ltd. the "Outstanding Contribution Unit" of the caring enterprise; in July 2022, the Pingdingshan Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China's Leading Group for Veterans Affairs awarded Pingdingshan Oriental Carbon Co., Ltd. "Model Supporting Army Enterprise" title.

6. Employee Development Responsibility

The company takes the initiative to assume the responsibility of employee development, including the ownership responsibility of the enterprise to the employees, increasing the salary and welfare of the employees, improving the happiness index of the employees, cultivating the technical ability of the employees, evaluating the excellent every year, encouraging the advanced, motivating the employees, and showing the elegant demeanor of the enterprise.

On March 8, 2022, the company organized and carried out the theme activity of "caring for women workers". Through visits, condolences and heart-to-heart exchanges, the company enhanced the self-confidence and self-improvement of female workers and enhanced the cohesion of female workers. In June 2022, the company held an operation skills competition to strengthen the technical exchanges among employees, to achieve results and to show the spirit of fighting. Commend and reward technical experts.

In 2022, the company organized a total of 1 physical examination for employees, 1 travel, 6 amateur cultural life, 1 annual award party for outstanding employees, and 39 collective trainings for employees, which better fulfilled the company's social responsibility for employee development.

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Pingdingshan Oriental Carbon Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report 2022