About Us

Committed to building a global leader in the carbon industry

About Us

Committed to building a global leader in the carbon industry

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Pingdingshan Oriental Carbon Co., Ltd. is a high-tech private enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales of carbon-based new materials. Founded in February 2006, the company is located in the advanced manufacturing development zone of Shilong District, Pingdingshan City, Henan Province, with a registered capital of 119 million yuan, covering an area of 72 mu, and more than 400 employees. We have a wholly-owned subsidiary of Baofeng Xinxin carbon material Co., Ltd. On June 30,2023 Oriental Carbon was listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange,which becomes to be the first private enterprise to be listed on BSE.

2006 Year

Oriental Carbon was established

119 million

Enterprise registered capital

137 Item

Independent intellectual property rights obtained

400 People

Existing staff

Innovation-driven development


Oriental Carbon has an annual output of 10000 tons of isostatic graphite production line. The products have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good lubrication, thermal conductivity, etc., and are widely used in aerospace, nuclear industry, semiconductor, photovoltaic, EDM , hydrogen fuel cell and other industries. In 2012, Oriental Carbon was awarded the title of "National Key New Product", and its own "Zhuo Long" brand trademark was awarded the "Famous Trademark of Henan Province" in 2014 ".


The company implements the innovation-driven development strategy, through continuous research and development investment, has mastered the core technology with independent intellectual property rights, which broke the foreign technology monopoly in EDM, hydrogen fuel cell, photovoltaic and other files, and achieved high-end materials domestic substitution. Oriental Carbon also established cooperated production and R&D mechanism with Hunan University, China University of Mining and Technology, Tsinghua University Shenzhen International Graduate School and other universities, and has two provincial enterprise technology research and development centers. By June 2023, 137 independent intellectual property rights have been obtained, including 7 invention patents and 2 scientific and technological achievements recognized by Henan Chemical Industry Society. In August 2022, We were awarded the “national small giant”enterprise; In December 2022, it was awarded the national intellectual property advantage enterprise;

High quality products and meticulous service


Oriental Carbon always adheres to the business philosophy of quality advantages for survival, formulates strict process standards, adheres to the whole process and multi-link control, ensures that the product quality reaches the industry priority level, and won the "Pingdingshan Mayor quality Award" in 2019 ". Adhere to the business philosophy of "integrity, excellence, innovation, and win-win", focus on customer needs, and provide "N to one" refined, professional and personalized solutions; with high-quality products and meticulous services, we have won the industry and the trust of customers.


Developing the enterprise to serve the community


Since 2013, the company has continued to carry out the "Glorious Education Assistance" activity, helping more than 600 poor students realize their university dreams; responding to the call of the local party committee and government, the work of poverty alleviation and "100 enterprises helping 100 villages" has been carried out in a solid manner; Actively donated more than 300 million yuan to the affected areas in the disaster area. Adhering to the concept of "developing enterprises to give back to society", it highlights the responsibility and responsibility of a private enterprise.


No matter in the past, present or future, the company will adhere to the focus of ingenuity inheritors, adhere to relying on technological innovation, extend and broaden the industrial chain, promote the deep integration of "two industrializations", continuously improve the level of intelligent manufacturing, continue to expand the domestic and foreign markets, and take the responsibility of industry leaders to create new achievements and new brilliance worthy of the great era!

Development History


In February, Pingdingshan Oriental Carbon Co., Ltd. was registered and established, starting the road of innovation development;


Were established to strengthen party building and democratic management mechanisms;


Obtained ISO9001 Quality certificate in September;


In October, Oriental Carbon was recognized as a national "high-tech enterprise". In December, our "Zhuo Long" brand was awarded the title of "Henan Famous Product Brand;


In January, the company's products won the "Top Ten Influential Brands of Chinese Carbon Products Going Global"


In February, he was awarded the honor of "100 high enterprises" by the people's Government of Henan Province; In September, the company's technology center was identified by the seventeenth batch of enterprise technology centers in the province;


In September, Oriental Carbon changed its name to "Pingdingshan Oriental Carbon Co., Ltd" In December, the company's "Zhuo Long" trademark was awarded the "Henan Province Famous Trademark Certificate";


In April, the company was listed on the NEEQ and became the first private enterprise in Pingdingshan City;


Achieved weapons and equipment quality management system certification in August;


In October, achieved Pingdingshan City Mayor Quality Award;


In April, "Henan Province Hot Molding High Purity Carbon Engineering Technology Research Center" was established; In December, Chairman Yang Suiyun was awarded the title of "Outstanding Entrepreneur" in Henan Province.


Obtained the "two integration management system" certificate;


Obtained the tittle of “National little giant enterprise” in August; Obtained the tittle of “National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise” in October;


Won the tittle of “Provincial Green Factory” in May. First private company listed on Beijing Stock Exchange;

Qualification Honor

Explore the infinite possibilities of carbon materials together

High-tech enterprise

High-tech enterprise

2019 Green Development Model Enterprise

2019 Green Development Model Enterprise

Top Ten Double Support Model Units

Top Ten Double Support Model Units

2020 Henan Social Responsibility Enterprise Award of the Year

2020 Henan Social Responsibility Enterprise Award of the Year

Corporate Vision

Committed to building a global leader in the carbon industry

Development concept

Developing enterprises, enriching employees, giving back to shareholders and benefiting society

Spirit of enterprise

Aspiring high, the pursuit of transcendence

Enterprise Mission

Committed to working with customers to find product solutions in related industries and jointly explore the infinite possibilities of carbon materials