Oriental carbon held 2020 annual general meeting of shareholders

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Release time:2021-05-18 09:51

At 9:30 on May 18, 2021, Oriental Carbon held the 2020 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of the Company with 12 shareholders. The meeting heard the "Report on the Work of the Board of Directors for 2020" and the "Report on the Work of the Supervisory Board for 2020."

At the meeting, the chairman of the company, Yang Suiyun, made a report on behalf of the board of directors on the company's 2020 work and 2021 work deployment.




He pointed out that in 2020, with the strong support of all shareholders and the tenacious efforts of all employees, the company overcame the adverse effects of the new crown epidemic and achieved operating income of 0.209 billion yuan and net profit of 30.32 million yuan, an increase of 6.93 and 28.16 percent respectively compared with the same period.

The main work to be done in 2020 is: first, new product research and development. A total of more than 900 million yuan has been invested in research and development, the development of a number of special carbon new products and mass production; signed a technical cooperation agreement with China University of Mining and Technology to develop a new graphite production process; by the end of the year, the company has obtained 111 national patents, including 3 invention patents. Second, the project technical reform work. The company plans to invest 26 million yuan in the intelligent technological transformation of ultra-fine structure graphite. The project has been put on record, and the completion of the project will greatly enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise. Three is environmental protection work. Carry out safety and environmental education activities in an all-round way, cultivate employees' safety and environmental production awareness, and promote on-site 6S management. Four is the management of standardized work. Establish and improve various management systems, standardize the work behavior of all employees, train equipment operation skills, and strengthen the construction of corporate culture.




The work deployment and arrangement in 2021 are as follows: First, continue to do a good job in production management, do a good job in technological innovation and pay close attention to safety and environment work. Second, to carry out the new three-board selection layer listing declaration related work, through the selection layer listing to enhance the valuation level of enterprises and stock trading liquidity.

At the meeting, the participating shareholders also discussed and approved the "2020 Financial Report", "2020 Financial Final Accounts Report", "2021 Financial Budget Report" and other matters.

The meeting ended at 11:30.

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Oriental carbon held 2020 annual general meeting of shareholders